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Some things that can fool you



Everyone can stand to lose a few pounds, myself included.  I have been really trying hard in the past month and half to get back on a good health kick. Not a diet, rather a new life style. I have become apart of some great free online healthy websites.  Spark people and Fitday are two of them.  I came a crossed two articles I wanted to share with you guys on Five common Foods that are Ruining your Waist Line, and Smart Substitutions.   No matter what though, remember everything is fine in moderation.  I still splurge on the occasional glass of wine, diet beverage,  or chocolate brownie.  (Please, I ate almost a half of a row of brownies the other night). 



Working out is great. Not only is it great for your health and shape of your body, it makes you feel better.  Even if you can’t find a whole half hour to work out, break it up into three ten minute work outs; with jump roping or a fast paced walk.  While brushing your teeth hop on one foot.  While watching TV do lunges or squats.  I have a pair of five-pound weights near by the couch. During commercials I will do some reps of some type of arm excersie.  ANYTHING HELPS!