Plain GROSS!


Our bodies are the only thing keeping us here on earth, so lets take care of them.  Let us together educate ourselves, our peers, and our kids on what is good and what is just GROSS!  I have come a crossed many articles lately about what is being put into our children’s lunches at school.  I have no children that attend public or private school, however, when they do I WILL MAKE THEIR LUNCH!  I understand their will be times when I will not be able to do so.  However, we can take a stand and try to stop this GROSS “Pink Slime” and other non traditional items go into our schools.  I do feel though that it is up to us as parents.  What ever happened to home cooked food, I guarantee if it were home cooked, it would save the school districts thousands of dollars a year.

However, it’s not just in the schools.  The “Pink Slime” is being used in grocery stores to keep cost down when beef prices are rising.

Sign the petition to tell the USDA to STOP putting this in your mouth and the ones we love!

Some articles for your reading:


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Hello there! I Am Katie or aka Mommy, Ma, or Mom. I have three handsome young boys, Cayden is 4, Caleb is 2.5, and Camden(Cam) is 10 months. I am married to my best friend Casey. We just traveled a crossed country from WI to NY in the past four months. WOW! What a change and trying experiences that has been. But, through all the stress and changes comes life lessons. I have learned more about motherhood, myself, and the courage/strength I never knew I had. I have the ability to make it through each day as a stay at home mother with no outside help from family and friends. I have the strength to cry at those moments I want hide my face in a pillow. I have the courage to find myself "Katie', outside of being the most important person I will ever be in my life, "mommy". Moving out here to the North Country has brought new friends to my life and new adventures. Besides being a stay at home mom, I attend Herzing University Online. I have less than I year left until I receive a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources. I am not only proud of this accomplishment for myself, but also for my family. I want them to always know that education is so important. Outside of being Mommy, I enjoy walks, being with friends, watching reality TV, reading novels, helping others, traveling, and being with my husband.

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