Chicken for DinDin!


This Chicken was so nummy.  My husband and I could have eaten the whole tomato topping by itself. I served it along side a bed of brown rice and roasted veggies. 

The roasted Veggies-

400 oven

Asparagus-Cut up

Yellow onions-Peeled and quartered

Roma Tomatoes-Seeded and halved

Toss them all in a bowl with salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Add to a cookie sheet and place in oven for 35-40 mins.  Make up your own….add any veggies you want. Healthy and oh so NUMMY!  I have added garlic and balsamic vinegar before too.

Two Mustard Chicken-

It a plastic bag or bowl marinate four chicken breast with equal parts Dijon mustard and honey mustard.  Sea Salt, Pepper, and fresh garlic.  I marinate mine over night.  If you take a fork and poke it through chicken you will find it gets the marinade to fall inside the chicken:)  After marinading place chicken on the grill until cooked through.  (Now you guys, I am NO chef…really!  So I don’t know the right temperatures, if you want that check out Food network or something and not my blog:)  If it is cold out…like winter or something like it is so often everywhere I have lived, you can use the oven.  I like a little crisp on my chicken.  So through your two mustard chicken in a hot pan.  A minute on each side, just enough to coat with a golden brown fry.  Place in a 13×9 cake pan and add the rest of the marinade on top.  Cook in oven at 375 for 30-35 mins.  Always cut in thickest part to make sure it is done. I have served raw chicken before….lets just say you DON’T want to do that.

Serve with some rice or my new FAVORITE find.  Steamers in a bag by Green Giant.  So good.  A healthy salad is always good too.


About katiekroll3

Hello there! I Am Katie or aka Mommy, Ma, or Mom. I have three handsome young boys, Cayden is 4, Caleb is 2.5, and Camden(Cam) is 10 months. I am married to my best friend Casey. We just traveled a crossed country from WI to NY in the past four months. WOW! What a change and trying experiences that has been. But, through all the stress and changes comes life lessons. I have learned more about motherhood, myself, and the courage/strength I never knew I had. I have the ability to make it through each day as a stay at home mother with no outside help from family and friends. I have the strength to cry at those moments I want hide my face in a pillow. I have the courage to find myself "Katie', outside of being the most important person I will ever be in my life, "mommy". Moving out here to the North Country has brought new friends to my life and new adventures. Besides being a stay at home mom, I attend Herzing University Online. I have less than I year left until I receive a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources. I am not only proud of this accomplishment for myself, but also for my family. I want them to always know that education is so important. Outside of being Mommy, I enjoy walks, being with friends, watching reality TV, reading novels, helping others, traveling, and being with my husband.

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