Winter FUN!


Not ever day will mother nature allow us to go outside.  Here are some indoor winter ideas for those days you can’t get your active kids outside.

Have a blow dryer and some crayons laying around.  Well, grab them and a poster board. Glue your crayons to the board and have your kids blow dry the crayons.  The heat will melt them and create a MAGICAL art piece.  Who knew you gave birth to the next Van Gogh.


Go on a scavenger hunt.  Print up pictures of a book, a brush, a tooth brush, a cup, a blanket, or anything you have laying around.  Or draw the pictures with your kids on note cards.  Hide these items around the house and have your kids find them.

Make a fort!  Any kid or adult for that matter love to make forts. Grab some blankets, pillows, rope, whatever you and your kids can find. Be CREATIVE! 

About katiekroll3

Hello there! I Am Katie or aka Mommy, Ma, or Mom. I have three handsome young boys, Cayden is 4, Caleb is 2.5, and Camden(Cam) is 10 months. I am married to my best friend Casey. We just traveled a crossed country from WI to NY in the past four months. WOW! What a change and trying experiences that has been. But, through all the stress and changes comes life lessons. I have learned more about motherhood, myself, and the courage/strength I never knew I had. I have the ability to make it through each day as a stay at home mother with no outside help from family and friends. I have the strength to cry at those moments I want hide my face in a pillow. I have the courage to find myself "Katie', outside of being the most important person I will ever be in my life, "mommy". Moving out here to the North Country has brought new friends to my life and new adventures. Besides being a stay at home mom, I attend Herzing University Online. I have less than I year left until I receive a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources. I am not only proud of this accomplishment for myself, but also for my family. I want them to always know that education is so important. Outside of being Mommy, I enjoy walks, being with friends, watching reality TV, reading novels, helping others, traveling, and being with my husband.

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  1. Hi there! Love the ideas you are finding. My fave is the melted crayon idea… I want to do that and I don’t even gave kids to do it with or for! And I always built forts growing up…loved it and STILL DO! Love you Kate!

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